10 Christmas gift ideas for the Dog Mom in your life

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Dog mom. Fur mama. Mother of puppies (total GoT vibes) Whatever you choose to call yourself, you’re a bad ass, and deserve to be spoiled this Christmas.

As a dog mama myself, my fur babes hold a special place in my center of my heart and I KNOW they’d want to spoil their mother at Christmas if they had access to the internet and a line of credit.

But, since they are unable of such things, I’ve compiled a list of things I know they’d totally want me to have 😉 and you can feel free to pass this along to any coparent who might need a little hint to help out your four-legged child.

1. Dog Mom sweatshirt from The Dog Mom Co.

Photo from The Dog Mom Co. website. Link above.

OOOOOKAY. If you haven’t heard of The Dog Mom Co., run over to their website now and order all the merch.

These shirts speak straight to my soul. “Saturdays are for the dogs”, “dog vibes only” and the original “Dog Mom” shirt and all must have staple items in any dog moms closet.

Make sure you follow The Dog Mom Co. on Instagram!

And use code THEBLACKGSPS for 10% off your order!

2. Engraved ring from Slate and Tell

This is a need. Not a want.

Photo from the Slate and Tell website. Link to page above.

How adorable is this overlapped ring! Which showcases TWO fur babies names. (What a coincidence that I happen to have two fur babies and a husband that gets emails when I post a new blog post…annnnyyyyyway…..)

Go check out the other wonderful pieces in their “Pet Lover” category. They have necklaces and rings which are all so tastefully done and a must have on any dog moms wish list!

3. Hope you brought pizza and dog treats door mat

Photo from aDoorablematco’s Etsy shop. Link above.

Who doesn’t love a quippy door mat?! Especially if it’s about bringing pizza and dog treats. Head over to aDoorablematco’s Etsy shop which if full of amazing door mats. If my budget allowed, I’d have one to swap out every week!

4. Custom leash hanger

Photo from dog leash caddies Etsy page. Link above.

How amazing is this???? I need one.

This is beyond perfect to keep your leashes and harnesses organized, especially if you have a certain one for a certain dog, like we do. Then it’s literally *cough cough* husband proof, and the right dog will (or should) always get the right harness.

Plus, just look how beautiful it is?!

5. Custom watercolor portrait

Photo from ilovecoloring’s Etsy page. Link above.


I have a spot in my living room with pictures of my girls and water color portraits would be an amazing addition!

I also really want to sign up for one of those paint nights where you paint your own dog!

6. Cozy House slippers

Because when the dog rings the bell, it’s nice to have a pair of warm, comfy shoes to slip right on and head out.

These from lamo are on my current wish list.

Photo from amazon. Affiliate link below.

<a href="http://Lamo Women’s Juarez Scuff Slipper, Chestnut, Large/8-9 M US“>Scuff Slippers


I have a pair from American Eagle (from 2009!) that I love and cannot part ways with. I am forever hoping to magically stumble upon the exact same ones, but these lamo slippers seem like they’d be a similar enough alternative.

Photo from amazon. Affiliate link below.

<a href="http://Lamo Men’s Romeo Slip-on Shoe, Suede, Chestnut, 9 M US” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Romeo Slippers

Don’t these look cozy, too?! You lose the slide on quick factor, but they look comfy nonetheless.

7. Big Walky scarf from BarkShop

Photo from the bark shops website. Link above.

This scarf is perfect for every walk-lovin dog mama. It has a spot for your poop bags (amazing), a place to store your phone, treats or money. Really anything you like to have with you on walks, and you can store it on your leash hooks so it’s always ready to hit the road!

8. Pup Mom crate subscription box

Photo from Pup Mom crate website. Link above.

I love subscription boxes. I think they’re a fantastic invention and there’s soooo many options out there! You can get on for your dog, for your kids, for your husband. There’s boxes for self care, for books and for date nights. Well, there’s even boxes out there for DOG MOMS!

What a perfect Christmas gift. A subscription to Pup Mom crate! I haven’t personally tried this subscription yet, so if you have, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

9. Dog Mom coffee mug

Photo from The Dog Mom Co. website. Link above.

Because what’s better than coffee, your dog and a really cute, instagrammable mug? Not much.

Don’t forget to use the code THEBLACKGSPS at checkout

10. Bissel SpotBot

Photo from amazon. Affiliate link below. 

As much as we love them, dogs are a mess. This is on my list of desperate wants, so I’m adding it to this list because I’m sure I’m not alone!

This takes the scrubbing and does it for you! Muddy paws, accidents on the rug and spills are a worry of the past with this beaut. At least I hope! Which is why I want one haha

So that’s that. My list of 10 things to get the dog mom in your life this Christmas!

Pin it to your Pinterest, share it to your spouses Facebook wall or email it to your best friend. However you’re getting the hint across!

And if you get any of my suggestions, tag me in your photos on Instagram! I’d love to see!

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12 thoughts on “10 Christmas gift ideas for the Dog Mom in your life

  1. I think the subscription boxes are such awesome ideas – so useful and fun for you as well as your pet! These are some great ideas.


  2. I love the doormat – we can’t leave out our furry friends for treats! Of course with my two they would be eating the pizza and the treats. Ha! Thank you for sharing these awesome ideas!
    Tawna from itstartedwithablog.com


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