The best, homemade meatball sub, ever

This meatball sub, with these 3 recipes, is the most amazing meatball sub I’ve ever ate.

So good, in fact, that if you happened to be on an evening police ride along, and a car backfired, you might leap across the back seat to save it.

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I scoured Pinterest, read recipe upon recipe, until I found the ones that sounded most like what I was looking for, and created the most delicious meatball sub I’ve had in my flippin’ life.

First up, the bread. SOOOO good.

Crusty Italian Bread Recipe

So, bread is a labor of love but it is so worth it.

I messed up some of the final rising steps, but they still came out DEVINE.


Now, let’s make some meatballs!

Classic Italian Meatballs recipe

I HAVE NEVER HAD A BETTER, MORE DELICIOUS MEATBALL! That’s it. I’m making these again this week. Ugh. The. Best. Meatballs.

Even if you don’t want to make your own bread and sauce, MAKE THESE MEATBALLS.

Just kidding. Make the bread and sauce, too. It’s worth it.

Before cooking, obvs 😂

I used some of the homemade rolls that I had just made in these bad boys. I’m drooling. This whole thing is a masterpiece.

YUUUUMMMM just pop em like candy. So good.

I need new baking sheets, husband. I know you’re reading this.

And last, but definitely not least, the sauce. This was so easy and has so much flavor…like why have I been buying sauce my whole adult life?!

Amazing. Show stopping. Absolutely delicious.

The Best Italian Marinara sauce recipe

I know in my heart that this is a sandwich that Joey would be proud of, obsessed with and he’d devour it often.

Image from google

It makes alllllllllllll the sense to me, Joey.

Now, GO MAKE IT! If you recreate this sandwich with these recipes, or create your own, post it on Instagram and tag me! I’d love to see your meatball sub creations.


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