Soup Sunday

Tis the season of all things spooky, all things cozy and all the soup!

I love soup all year, but there is just something so comfy cozy about a yummy bowl of soup once fall rolls around.

So, here we are! Soup Sunday’s! I will be making a soup every Sunday all through the fall and winter and have made a list for you to print if you’d like to join me.

Tag me in your soups on Instagram! @shorthairsandlongnaps

Some of these I have made, other will be new to me, but either way I’m READY!

If you like a good slice of butter bread with your soup, here is a really easy, cheap and delicious white bread recipe that we LOVE.

White bread recipe

Now onto the soups!


*future months will be posted the week end of the following month. So November will be posted the last Sunday of October, so on and so forth

10/4: Broccoli Cheese Soup

10/11: Zuppa Tuscana

10/18: Rosemary, Roasted Garlic & White Bean soup

10/25: Cheeseburger Soup – recipe to come. I’m getting this out of a cookbook I have. It’s DELICIOUS!

Here is a printable if you want the recipes printed. Will have the rest of the month next week!

And again, don’t forget to tag me in your soups on Instagram! I can’t wait to see your cozy pots of soup!


Happy Soup Sunday!

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