What I’m Reading in November

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All of these books are available on KindleUnlimited except The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Also, save the Instagram graphic below to post your own TBR’s in your stories and TAG ME! You’ll see below that I am attempting a no-new book rule this month, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to pass up at least checking out everyone’s recommendations.

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To add book covers to this graphic, go to amazon, screenshot photo album cover, crop accordingly, add to the Instagram story. Tag the author so your friends can find new books, too!


Do you know what I love about the bookstagram community so far? Minimal judgment. From what I’ve encountered so far, the reader’s community is an open-minded community of book lovin’ fools just looking for their next book rec. Especially the fantasy romance readers hahahaha LOVE THEM ALL.

97% of what is on my TBR for November is from a bookstagram reel that lead me to check if it was on KindleUnlimited. If it was, it got added to my queue and now there it sits waiting for me to read it.

NOVEMBER IS A NO-NEW BOOK MONTH. I have to read what I’ve got stacked in my kindle. I don’t even remember where I found the recs or what the plots are that made me interested, but I know I put them there for a reason, and I’ve got to read them before bumping them.

Here is a graphic for your Instagram feed and one for your stories if you’re going to attempt a no-new book month, too!

Instagram story graphic
Instagram feed graphic

I feel like over half of my Kindle queue is spicy, but they have mild covers, so I guess we’ll find out when we dig in. Do you like spicy romance novels? I feel like it’s either love or hate. I’ve yet to meet someone who’s indifferent.

I also need to finish the Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac series, which I talked about in my October Recap post yesterday. Read that post HERE. And November marks one month closer to the release of the 7th Zodiac Academy book. I AM LIVING AND BREATHING for more of that series. I hope I never make the mistake of starting an unfinished series again, because I wasn’t prepared to be totally obsessed with this, and now there’s so much waiting involved. It’s painful but definitely worth it. READ ZODIAC ACADEMY.

What are you reading in November? Do you have a ridiculous stack of books (physical or digital) that you need to read, too? If so, let’s suffer through a no-new books month together!

Find me on Instagram @stephanieashrom and let’s be friends!

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