The Ultimate gift guide for any Gilmore Girls fan

Okay, so my friends gift guide was such a hit, and I love making wish lists so much, that I’m doing one for another of my favorite fandoms. You can find my friends gift guide here GILMORE GIRLS. Again, Netflix is behind its reclaim to fame with the release of the revival, and is howContinue reading “The Ultimate gift guide for any Gilmore Girls fan”

The Ultimate Gift Guide for any FRIENDS fan

Could I BE a bigger friends fan?! Nope. I LOVE the show friends. With this year being the 25th anniversary, and the huge popularity its received since being in Netflix, there is so much friends merchandise literally everywhere and I am just over here LIVING for it! I see ads for friends things everywhere andContinue reading “The Ultimate Gift Guide for any FRIENDS fan”

10 Christmas gift ideas for the Dog Mom in your life

Some of the links below are affiliate links, where I make a small commission on purchases through the link at no extra cost to you. Those links will be marked as such. Dog mom. Fur mama. Mother of puppies (total GoT vibes) Whatever you choose to call yourself, you’re a bad ass, and deserve toContinue reading “10 Christmas gift ideas for the Dog Mom in your life”

The Ultimate list of Christmas gift ideas for your dog

This post contains affiliate links and I make a commission on certain purchases at no extra cost to you. Hey you crazy dog parent! If you clicked on this article, you’re my kind of human! Let’s spoil those fur babes!! My dogs are my whole heart. They are the little, shedding crazies who loves meContinue reading “The Ultimate list of Christmas gift ideas for your dog”

Toothache inducing brownies

I know, I know, we have a couple days yet until it’s September, but I couldn’t wait another day! I feel like that Disney World vacation commercial, ya know, from the VHS days….where the little boy says “I’m too excited to sleep”….well, I’m too excited to wait another day to start The September of allContinue reading “Toothache inducing brownies”

The September with all the FRIENDS recipes

This September marks the 25th anniversary of the TV show, Friends, and I am here to go all out for it! I am just out here LIVING for all the events and merchandise popping up in celebration of this cult favorite series. Now, personally, I have been watching friends as long as I can remember.Continue reading “The September with all the FRIENDS recipes”