The Ultimate Gift Guide for any Golden Girls fan

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Can I just use this blog to write gift guides? Jk….sort of….

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The Ultimate gift guide for any Gilmore Girls fan

Ahhhhh, the Golden Girls. Out of all my favorite shows, this is by far the one my husband complains about the most, so I don’t get to watch it much anymore.

I love this sassy group of ladies, though. Betty White is a gem of a woman, a rockstar role model and I just absolutely adore her. Who doesn’t?! Everyone loves Betty White.

When I was in high school, I made my own Golden Girls shirt because it was not a popular pop culture thing back then and I couldn’t go to Walmart and buy a shirt with my fav ladies on it back in 2008.

But times have changed and here is a list of the BEST, must have items for any Golden Girls fan!

Sophia Coasters


Spirit animal pin


Golden Girls socks

Why are these so amazing?!

Christmas shirt

I’ll never hear this song the same way again.


Golden Girls leggings?! Are you kidding me?! All I ever wear is leggings and now all I need are these leggings.

Golden Girls sweat shirt

The most amazing sweatshirt you’ve ever seen.

Shady pines sweatshirt

The perfect shirt to go with your new leggings.

Golden Girls headband

Let me just dress you from head to toe in Golden Girls gear

Sophia’s Shirt

HYSTERICAL. And I need it.


Why are there so many great golden girls shirts?! I actually have this one. Haaaa

Amazon links are affiliate links where I make a small commission from recommended purchases at no extra cost to you



What better way to relax after a long day than coloring with your favorite girls?


I’m way too lazy and careless to ever actually use one of these things, but this is amazing and definitely the one I’d get if I used one.


Calling all mad Libs and golden girls fans to come over and play these with me ASAP

I asked for one of these for Christmas last year and didn’t get one. I’m still mad about it but you can get an amazing chia pet that is a replica of your favorite ladies!

I freakin love cross stitch. This is amazing.

YAAAAAASSSSSS TO THIS MASH UP. but holy crap, Sophia had a growth spurt.

Ahhhhh, this little gift guide series was fun. I enjoy making lists, especially of stuff I want lol

Who’s your favorite Golden Girl?! It’s so hard to choose!

DIY lash serum

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Lashes! Did you ever notice how baby boys usually have the most amazing eye lashes?! Long, curled and gorgeous, just placed there like they were photoshopped on.

I’ve been seeing all these amazing lash extensions and expensive lash serums that produce such amazing, full lashes, but I’m on a budget over here. A budget that definitely does not have room for lash extensions.

So, I did some investigating and found that I had all the ingredients to make my own lash serum right at my finger tips!

Ahhh , essential oils. My love language. If you don’t already have your starter kit, go grab it here.

I had these babies on my shelf already (Lavender comes in the Premium Starter Kit)

I purchased castor oil and empty mascara tubes off of amazon

The recipe is so simple!


  • 5 drops Young Living Lavender Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Young Living Rosemary Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Young Living Cedarwood Essential Oil
    Fill mascara tube with castor oil
    • Apply to dry, clean lashes 1x a day
      Use caution as to not get serum in eyes
  • I apply it before bed but also if I’m just staying around the house, sometimes I apply it in the morning as well
  • Top photo: Before
  • Bottom photo: one week of 1x daily application
  • Here is my progress photos after just ONE WEEK! I. Am. So. PUMPED!
  • Follow me on Instagram @shorthairsandlongnaps to be updated with my month and two month results!
  • They have gotten noticeably thicker and I cannot wait to see the results a month brings!
  • I’ve received some concerned comments like “HOW DO I KEEP IT OUT OF MY EYES?!?!?!?”

    Guys, when you put mascara on, do you layer a coat of it on your eyeball? No. So just use the same caution with the serum as you would with mascara or any other cosmetic you put around your eye.

    If you would happen to get some in your eye, it’s heavily diluted with castor oil already, but just dilute with more castor oil or another carrier oil if you find it to be bothersome.

    Never try to dilute oil with water. It causes the oil to spread and does not act as proficient dilution.

    Also, I only recommend Young Living Essential Oils. They are 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oil and their seed to seal guarantee is unmatched. You can read more about Seed to Seal here.

    The Ultimate gift guide for any Gilmore Girls fan

    Okay, so my friends gift guide was such a hit, and I love making wish lists so much, that I’m doing one for another of my favorite fandoms.

    You can find my friends gift guide here

    GILMORE GIRLS. Again, Netflix is behind its reclaim to fame with the release of the revival, and is how I even became a fan in the first place! #teamlogan

    Side note: I watched the whole series for the first time when I was pregnant in 2017. When I had my first EVER ultrasound, the theme song started playing and I told my husband that it’s a sign we were going to have a girl. Spoiler alert! We had a boy lol

    From cookbooks, to coffee cups and everything in between, lets see some of the best Gilmore girls merch out there!

    Doose’s Bag

    You know you’d get extra brownie points from Tayler for using this reusable Doose’s bag

    Coffee mash up poster Friends Gift guide

    I actually have this and it’s amazing. This Etsy shop is actually amazing, I feel like I could be bff’s with whoever is in charge here lol


    They also have these amazing posters with every book and every movie ever referenced in the show. I have the book one, which reminds me, I need to get started on my Rory Reading Challenge.

    Babette shirt

    If you know, you know. And you’ll be needing this shirt.

    Gilmore Girls scrunchies

    I am like super digging scrunchies right now and THESE?! NEEEEEEED THEM.

    Can’t stop sweatshirt

    Yeah, basically.

    Founders day punch shirt

    Box lunch just out here killing it again.

    Lukes hat

    I’d prefer if this was blue, but whatevs. How cute?? Throw on a flannel and you’re tossing out some magic Luke vibes.

    Mash up shirt

    Give me all the shirts and all the mash up merch

    Theme song shirt

    I’ll also take this shirt. Thanks.

    Gilmore girls quotes magnets

    If you read my Friends gift guide, you’ve seen these already. I want both sets but like I’m so anal about things I’d be mad when they got mixed up. And I know 100% my husband would throw all caution to the wind and mix and match the words.

    But how great is this concept?! Which would you prefer? Making friends quotes or Gilmore girls quotes? UGHHHHHH the tough choices in life.

    Gilmore girls mug

    Because what better mug to drink coffee out of than a Gilmore girls themed mug?

    Lukes diner mug

    Well, besides a Lukes mug.

    Amazon links are affiliate links and I make a small commission off of recommended purchases at no extra cost to you.




    <img src="//" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" /

    And themed freakin’ colored pencils. Staaahhppp.


    I have this cookbook and it’s amazing. You can read it for free if you have kindle unlimited, but you seriously need this in your hands.

    Now I’m inspired to make something out of it. Following me on Instagram to follow along on my stories. I’ll show some of the inside because it’s literally one of the best cookbooks I’ve read. @shorthairsandlongnaps

    I love reading cookbooks. Is that weird?

    I have this one, too. Equally as amazing.


    Shop local and support your favorite town.


    JESUS WITH A GILMORE GIRLS TWIST?! I just added this to my kindle hahaha HOW GREAT IS THIS?!


    Gilmore Girls is my jam. Making gift guides are becoming my jam, too.

    Now tell me, team Logan, Jess or Dean?

    I also have a Golden Girls gift guide coming HAHAHA and then I’ll be done……for now, at least. 😉

    The Ultimate Gift Guide for any FRIENDS fan

    Could I BE a bigger friends fan?! Nope. I LOVE the show friends.

    With this year being the 25th anniversary, and the huge popularity its received since being in Netflix, there is so much friends merchandise literally everywhere and I am just over here LIVING for it!

    I see ads for friends things everywhere and it’s all just amazing! So, I figured I’d compile a list of all the amazing things I’ve seen (and maybe secretly wish I had) and share it with all the other glorious friends fans out there!

    So, let’s start with box lunch! They have so much great friends merch, but here are my favs!

    Box Lunch Friends Merch

    Friends crockpot

    THIS CROCK POT!!! I neeeeeeeeed it. I need it like I need air.

    Friends slippers

    The coziest slippers to keep your toes warm while watching all the friends Christmas episodes

    Box lunch has sooo many great options and a huge selection of Friends t-shirts!

    Up next, my favorites from Hot Topic’s selection. I don’t know about you, but I think Hot Topic is always killing the pop culture game. I always love a good find from this store.

    Hot Topic Friends merch

    Friends Trivia

    Bust out your friends knowledge with a fun quiz! …….you’d never beat me though…….

    Arm Wrestling t-shirt

    You cannot have too many friends t-shirt and this one is HYSTERICAL. This is one of my favorite episodes and when we went to the pop up in New York, they had Ross’s helmet thing he’s wearing on display. So fun!

    This next gem is from target, which online doesn’t have a huge selection, but in my local store they have some really amazing shirts! I want the holiday armadillo one SO BAD.

    Ball Toss Game

    HELLOOOOOOO. A game inspired by the episode where Joey and Ross are tossing a ball and it turns into a huge game. Like how great is this?!

    Walmart Friends merch

    DVD box set

    The DVD’s are the only thing I’ve come across that has the full episodes. Netflix. Nope. Blu-ray. Nope. I don’t know about digital purchases, but if you have a digital option that doesn’t shorten the episodes, LET ME KNOW BECAUSE I NEED IT IN MY LIFE.

    Walmart also has some amazing shirts. I love shirts, can you tell??

    Etsy Friends merch

    ETSY. Ugh I love Etsy. If you haven’t discovered how amazing Etsy is yet, let me just enlighten you.

    GIRLS shirt


    Friends Infinity scarf


    Friends headband

    Etsy is rocking my world. My heart is on fire with all this amazing merchandise.

    Friends words magnets

    These have been on my wish list for a LOOOOONG time. It’s a magnet set of FRIENDS related words to recreate all your favorite quotes from the show or make your own!

    The definition of happiness blanket

    I’ve got a thing for blankets and I’m really not sure why this isn’t mine, because this is truly my definition of happiness.

    I’m fine phone case


    Friends key hanger

    Hang your keys by the door so you’ll always be able to grab them on the go, especially when running out the door when a parade balloon gets loose.

    Frankie says relax shirt

    Now Rachel’s fav sleep shirt can be your fav sleep shirt. I’ve got a shirt obsession. You know what other shirt I want? Ross’s bachelor party shirt but it HAS to have Joey’s face on the back.

    Friends LEGO set

    This is available for preorder but seriously, how amazing is this?!

    Pottery barn also has a freakin Friends line. If that doesn’t make your friends lovin’ heart sing, I don’t know what will

    Pottery barn merch

    MY APOTHECARY TABLE!!!!!! You can still smell the opium. Get this for yourself here

    Especially if your name is Chandler, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel or Monica.

    Friends Welcome pillow

    Holiday armadillo mug

    The holiday armadillo. Seriously? This is amazing.

    The next few things are from the Friends Pop Up shop. There is some new stuff since I went to NYC in September and my hearts aching for it. I’ll have to do a blog post about that trip because it was amazing.

    Door magnet

    I have this and it’s amazing. Everyone needs it.


    Because who doesn’t want a bedtime penguin pal?

    Crap Bag

    Because you know Princess Consuella Bananahammock uses reusable totes at the grocery store.

    Central perk travel mug

    Always be reppin your favorite coffee joint on the go

    Friends subscription box

    Culturefly has a friends subscription box that I waited too long to purchase AND ITS SOLD OUT. I’m disgusted with myself. Did you get it? Can you send me pictures when you get it? Hahahaha…..seriously, though…..

    All amazon links are affiliate links and I make a small commission off of recommended purchases at no extra cost to you

    I’ll be wearing the turkeys until my last breath.

    Because every Friends fan needs some central perk coffee for their coffee station.

    I currently have a Disney calendar for 2019, but this baby is comin’ in hot for 2020.

    I want this word search so bad I could cry.

    This is everything anyone could ever want in a beach towel.

    Okay, so I could go on and on and on with friends related items that I want, but these are my top favs. If you’re shopping for yourself or a friends fan, hopefully this list helped you out a little.

    If you purchase anything, I’d love to know! Leave me a comment and tell me what you’re favorite friends merch is! Also, if you got your hands on that subscription box, PLEASE LET ME LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU! I’m sure its going to be amazing!!

    If you’ve been following me for a little, you might have been around for “The September with all the recipes”. Well, that flopped….life got away from me. But I’m dropping the time frame and just doing friends related recipes whenever it strikes my fancy.

    Follow me on instagram @shorthairsandlongnaps and check out my friends recipe highlight for some shots of what I’ve made so far.

    Thanks for reading! If you’re a friends fan (Which you obviously are if you read this) I am going to put a post together on my trip to NYC for the friends pop up! Stay tuned!

    Why you need a menstrual cup: a real life, full detail review of the greatest thing to ever happen to periods

    This post contains affiliate links and I make a small commission on purchases at no extra cost to you

    Heyyyyy, girl heyyyy. So, you’re on the fence about getting a menstrual cup? Well let me just push you off the fence and get you ready to commit hahaha because they are LIFE CHANGING.

    First things first, never in a million years did I think I’d be writing a blog post about how much I love a freakin’ menstrual cup. At the beginning of this decade, I know for a FACT I was making fun of these things and thought anyone who wouldn’t just keep using tampons was crazy. It’s amazing how we can change in ten years.

    I purchased an OrganiCup off of amazon (affiliate link below)

    Why did I choose this one? Simply because my friend uses it, loves it and recommended it.

    Now, every body is different. What works for me, might not work for you. I was fortunate enough to be able to use the first one I tried, but DON’T be discouraged if you have to try one it two before you get the right match for your body.

    Here’s what the inside of the box looks like! It comes in a great little storage bag. It has instructions on sanitizing and inserting, with photos to help you if needed.

    Storage bag!

    The OrganiCup

    Seriously. If you would’ve told me ten years ago that I would be boiling water to sanitize my MENSTRUAL CUP, I would’ve laughed in your face.

    So, I boiled it for 5 minutes per the instructions in the box.

    I used the c-fold technique, which they illustrate on the packaging and it was ridiculously easy. I was so surprised.

    You basically do the c-fold, insert and just make sure it opens completely. You might hear a weird suction sound (tmi, sorry not sorry) which is good! That means it’s in place.

    It’s no more uncomfortable than a tampon and it has MUCH better leak protection.

    affiliate link

    Here are 5 reasons why I will be a menstrual cup user for LIFE!

    1. You can go to the bathroom and not change it every time
    2. The leak protection is out of this world
    3. I’ve worn it all day, with no leaks and barely even close to being full. (And id consider my flow to be moderate)
    4. It is WAY less disgusting than tampons, which came as a total shock to me
    5. Tampons are expensive and with proper care, this cup will last YEARS!

    If you have any questions, I’d love to help you! I’m ridiculously excited about my new found love, and when I love something, I just wanna share the info with everyone! Hence this post lol

    10 Christmas gift ideas for the Dog Mom in your life

    Some of the links below are affiliate links, where I make a small commission on purchases through the link at no extra cost to you. Those links will be marked as such.

    Dog mom. Fur mama. Mother of puppies (total GoT vibes) Whatever you choose to call yourself, you’re a bad ass, and deserve to be spoiled this Christmas.

    As a dog mama myself, my fur babes hold a special place in my center of my heart and I KNOW they’d want to spoil their mother at Christmas if they had access to the internet and a line of credit.

    But, since they are unable of such things, I’ve compiled a list of things I know they’d totally want me to have 😉 and you can feel free to pass this along to any coparent who might need a little hint to help out your four-legged child.

    1. Dog Mom sweatshirt from The Dog Mom Co.

    Photo from The Dog Mom Co. website. Link above.

    OOOOOKAY. If you haven’t heard of The Dog Mom Co., run over to their website now and order all the merch.

    These shirts speak straight to my soul. “Saturdays are for the dogs”, “dog vibes only” and the original “Dog Mom” shirt and all must have staple items in any dog moms closet.

    Make sure you follow The Dog Mom Co. on Instagram!

    And use code THEBLACKGSPS for 10% off your order!

    2. Engraved ring from Slate and Tell

    This is a need. Not a want.

    Photo from the Slate and Tell website. Link to page above.

    How adorable is this overlapped ring! Which showcases TWO fur babies names. (What a coincidence that I happen to have two fur babies and a husband that gets emails when I post a new blog post…annnnyyyyyway…..)

    Go check out the other wonderful pieces in their “Pet Lover” category. They have necklaces and rings which are all so tastefully done and a must have on any dog moms wish list!

    3. Hope you brought pizza and dog treats door mat

    Photo from aDoorablematco’s Etsy shop. Link above.

    Who doesn’t love a quippy door mat?! Especially if it’s about bringing pizza and dog treats. Head over to aDoorablematco’s Etsy shop which if full of amazing door mats. If my budget allowed, I’d have one to swap out every week!

    4. Custom leash hanger

    Photo from dog leash caddies Etsy page. Link above.

    How amazing is this???? I need one.

    This is beyond perfect to keep your leashes and harnesses organized, especially if you have a certain one for a certain dog, like we do. Then it’s literally *cough cough* husband proof, and the right dog will (or should) always get the right harness.

    Plus, just look how beautiful it is?!

    5. Custom watercolor portrait

    Photo from ilovecoloring’s Etsy page. Link above.


    I have a spot in my living room with pictures of my girls and water color portraits would be an amazing addition!

    I also really want to sign up for one of those paint nights where you paint your own dog!

    6. Cozy House slippers

    Because when the dog rings the bell, it’s nice to have a pair of warm, comfy shoes to slip right on and head out.

    These from lamo are on my current wish list.

    Photo from amazon. Affiliate link below.

    <a href="http://Lamo Women’s Juarez Scuff Slipper, Chestnut, Large/8-9 M US“>Scuff Slippers


    I have a pair from American Eagle (from 2009!) that I love and cannot part ways with. I am forever hoping to magically stumble upon the exact same ones, but these lamo slippers seem like they’d be a similar enough alternative.

    Photo from amazon. Affiliate link below.

    <a href="http://Lamo Men’s Romeo Slip-on Shoe, Suede, Chestnut, 9 M US” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Romeo Slippers

    Don’t these look cozy, too?! You lose the slide on quick factor, but they look comfy nonetheless.

    7. Big Walky scarf from BarkShop

    Photo from the bark shops website. Link above.

    This scarf is perfect for every walk-lovin dog mama. It has a spot for your poop bags (amazing), a place to store your phone, treats or money. Really anything you like to have with you on walks, and you can store it on your leash hooks so it’s always ready to hit the road!

    8. Pup Mom crate subscription box

    Photo from Pup Mom crate website. Link above.

    I love subscription boxes. I think they’re a fantastic invention and there’s soooo many options out there! You can get on for your dog, for your kids, for your husband. There’s boxes for self care, for books and for date nights. Well, there’s even boxes out there for DOG MOMS!

    What a perfect Christmas gift. A subscription to Pup Mom crate! I haven’t personally tried this subscription yet, so if you have, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    9. Dog Mom coffee mug

    Photo from The Dog Mom Co. website. Link above.

    Because what’s better than coffee, your dog and a really cute, instagrammable mug? Not much.

    Don’t forget to use the code THEBLACKGSPS at checkout

    10. Bissel SpotBot

    Photo from amazon. Affiliate link below. 

    As much as we love them, dogs are a mess. This is on my list of desperate wants, so I’m adding it to this list because I’m sure I’m not alone!

    This takes the scrubbing and does it for you! Muddy paws, accidents on the rug and spills are a worry of the past with this beaut. At least I hope! Which is why I want one haha

    So that’s that. My list of 10 things to get the dog mom in your life this Christmas!

    Pin it to your Pinterest, share it to your spouses Facebook wall or email it to your best friend. However you’re getting the hint across!

    And if you get any of my suggestions, tag me in your photos on Instagram! I’d love to see!

    @shorthairsandlongnaps @theblackgsps_

    The Ultimate list of Christmas gift ideas for your dog

    This post contains affiliate links and I make a commission on certain purchases at no extra cost to you.

    Hey you crazy dog parent!

    If you clicked on this article, you’re my kind of human! Let’s spoil those fur babes!!

    My dogs are my whole heart. They are the little, shedding crazies who loves me unconditionally no matter what, so why wouldn’t I want to spoil them at Christmastime?!

    Christmas and my dogs….two of my all time favorite things! Now let’s get into the list!

    First, the ultimate gift of all dog gifts, a Bark Box subscription!

    1. Bark Box Subscription

    I absolutely adore Bark Box. My dogs love toys and are not extreme destroyers of toys (lol) so this is a great value for us.

    You get 2-3 toys, 2 bags of treats AND a chew (which I usually cut in half for my dogs to share)

    This is AMAZING! It’s their treats for the whole month, if not longer and I can replace toys that are falling apart with new toys. Their toy box is always packed!

    I love anything with a theme and Bark Box never disappoints. I don’t know who’s more excited when this box shows up, me or the dogs.

    Some more of my favs…..and my poor dogs having to pose…..

    2. Kong’s

    My dogs LOVE a good, stuffed Kong. Is there any dog that doesn’t?! So this obviously had to make the list.

    Plus, in my professional dog mom opinion, you can ever have too many kongs. Load them up and keep them in the freezer. There’s nothing better for a last minute treat or distraction than having a pre-stuffed, frozen Kong ready and waiting!

    Load with your fillings of choice (I use a lot of peanut butter, yogurt, cheese, pumpkin purée, etc. and I like to layer it and add treats throughout and then freeze it over night (at least) so it is more of a challenge for them, and then it keeps them occupied longer.

    Put it in a bowl or a zip lock baggy to keep it from being a mess all over your freezer.

    3. Slow feed bowls

    Okay, so you’re probably like what?! You think this is a Christmas gift?! But hear me out!

    This is a fun, stimulating tool for your dog! By working to get their food out of a the slow feed bowl, not only are they not gulping down their food, but they’re working to get the food out of the obstacles.

    Win, win in my book. Mental stimulation is huge. When a dog is bored, they’re destructive, so I’m always glad for an easy way to keep my dogs entertained. It’s just a sweet bonus that it doubles as meal time.

    4. Chuck it brand outdoor toys

    This is a must over here at our house. Sage is a mega fan of all things chuck it. She gets either a “squirrel”, ball or frisbee for every birthday and Christmas, and it’s always the first thing she’s searching for when she goes outside.

    5. Cozy Cave dog bed

    OKAY, FULL DISCLOSURE! I have not tried the cozy cave brand yet. We purchased the knock off amazon basics brand, and while I sing my love for amazon from the roof tops, this bed was junk. In a weeks time my dogs had already flattened it on pretty noticeable, so we’re sending it back.

    That being said, I LOVE the concept of this dog bed and will be getting them the actual cozy cave from the snoozer brand.

    If you have a dog that prefers to be under the covers, this is THE dog bed for you!

    I’ll update this once I’m able to fully review the bed, but like I said, my dogs will be getting this for Christmas.

    6. Bully Sticks

    My girls go bonkers over bully sticks, so no holiday can go by without them getting at least one!

    They don’t last long, but they absolutely love them while they last.

    I love watching Sage throw hers in the air and jump all around attacking it. That alone is worth getting them for.

    7. Honest Kitchen food toppers

    ITS CHRISTMAS! Doctor up their daily meal with something fun and let them celebrate at meal time too!

    I love these toppers, just mix with warm water and then add to their kibble or serve as is. My dogs LOVE them. (Notice a theme here… dogs love everything on this list lol)

    8. Stuffed bones

    Compared to the bully sticks, these babies keep the pooches entertained for DAAAAAYS.

    They come in a variety of flavors, but the favs in this house are the bacon and cheddar, the peanut butter and jelly and the plain ol’ beef flavor.

    Again, the dogs get these for every holiday and birthday. They are a no fail gift option for them every time!

    9. Carhartt Jacket

    I love this coat so much. We’re also big fans of Carhartt in general, so having a Carhartt jacket for the dogs is a no brainer.

    We have the coat in orange because I’m a safety psycho and am not about to give anyone a single change to confuse my dog with a huntable animal, but there are a few other colors if orange isn’t your thing.

    10. Dog treats

    Last but not least, dog treats. Linked are a few of our favorites, but can you go wrong with a yummy treat in a Christmas stocking? I think not.

    You can also make your own dog treats! You can read more about that here. Pumpkin peanut butter dog treats

    4 reasons busy moms need an Instant Pot

    Instant pots are the best kitchen appliance ever made. In this post I’m going to give you 4 reasons why you need to purchase one, because believe me, you need one!

    This post will contain affiliate links. I earn a small commission if things are purchased through my links, at no extra charge or cost to you!

    I was given my instant pot for Christmas last year, and it has been one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received! And I sing it’s praises to anyone who will listen!!

    This is the instant pot I have. It is amazing, glorious, show stopping. Get it and let it change your life.

    Reason #1


    Okay, hear me out. I know hard boiling eggs is not hard, but it’s time consuming! I have a toddler, I have dogs, I have a poor attention span.

    The instant pot allows me to hard boil eggs easily, with minimal effort on my part and I love every second of it.

    Simply put ONE CUP OF WATER in the bottom of the pot, place the little grate thing that comes with your instant pot, place as many eggs as you can fit in one layer (I haven’t tried stacking the eggs, but give my slacker self some time, I’m sure it’ll happen) set to pressure cook, 5 minutes, high pressure, turn the keep warm setting off, let it self pressure release, BAM! Hard boiled eggs.

    Removed from instant pot into a bowl of ice water, peel. Waalaaaaa. You’re done.

    For me, this alone makes the instant pot worth it.

    Reason #2

    Cook FROZEN chicken!!

    Okay, I’ve mentioned my attention span and my slacker tendency’s already in this post, so it should be no surprise that I am forever forgetting to get my meat out to thaw before dinner time.

    My second reason as to why instant pots are a must have for your kitchen, COOKING FROZEN, RAW CHICKEN.

    I do this all the time. Which I shouldn’t even admit, but it’s life saving, amazing and keeps my family from eating Mac and cheese for dinner when I forget to thaw meat.

    You can read about cooking frozen chicken in my Crack Chicken Pasta post.

    Reason #3

    Cook perfect al dente pasta in 4 minutes!

    This boggled my mind. The most perfect pasta IN FOUR MINUTES. And no waiting for water to boil, no dumping your pasta in and hoping to get it out before it’s too mushy or not cooked enough. You set and forget and when the instant pot beeps, it’s done.

    This is the recipe I made when I discovered the instant pots amazing pasta cooking skills. Bang bang shrimp It’s delicious and easy and you HAVE to try it. It is a great recipe that really showcases the instant pots versatility.

    Reason #4

    Easy, one pot meals!

    Okay, so I’m not a huge fan of pork chops, but lemme tell ya, cooking pork chops in the instant pot is a whole different story.

    Instant pot pork chops here is the link to the first pork chop recipe I tried. I also added green beans and red potatoes to it and WHOOOOAAAAAAAA is it good. So good. So easy. Add it to your menu rotation.


    So, there you have it. My personal top 4 reasons for owning an instant pot and why you NEED one.

    Here’s some final thoughts and tidbits before we wrap this up

    • Amazon often showcases these beauties on their deals of the day.
    • We have a 6 quart, which is plenty big enough for a family of 3 or 4
    • The BURN message just means you need to add more liquid to your pot. (At least from my experience)
    • And pressure cookers have a big, scary name. But the instant pot is the farthest thing from scary! It’s so easy and seriously a must have

    Thanks so much for reading!

    Do you have an instant pot?! Share with me your favorite recipes! I’m always looking for more delicious stuff to make in mine.

    This beautiful, red instant pot is a deal of the day today! (11/4/19) For 40% off! HOW GORGEOUS IS THE RED?!?!


    A day (or 4) in Salem, Ma

    “It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus”

    Happy Halloween! I couldn’t think of a better place or subject to discuss on Halloween than Salem.

    Famous for the Salem Witch trials, as well as being the setting for one of my favorite movies, Hocus Pocus, Salem is a must visit place for everyone.

    My sister-in-law and I planned an October girls trip of a life time. 5 days in Massachusetts, exploring Salem, Boston and seeing all the fall colors. (We hoped to,anyway. The leaves weren’t fully changed during our trip over October 16-20)

    We drove from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts, stopping in Boston, getting semi-settled in our air b&b and then heading straight for Salem.

    It was Wednesday night around 6-7pm when we got there, with not too much going on but we couldn’t have been more excited.

    We walked through the witch city mall, stocked up on the free touristy books and pamphlets and on a whim, called to see if there were any spots open for the 8pm walking night tour.

    There were! (4 left to be exact) We snagged our spots and our stickers and were ready for our first tour of the trip.

    Don’t miss out on the walking tours. It was so informative and our guide was AMAAAAZING. His name was Dave I think. Or Steve. I’m horrible with names. AH. Sorry, dude. But he did a really great job and wasn’t too hokey….if ya know what I mean.

    After the tour was over, we said goodbye to Salem…until tomorrow

    Day two

    Some day planning and coffee and we were headed back into Salem. We stayed in Revere, which was a perfect distance between Salem and Boston.

    Our first stop was for breakfast at the Ugly Mug. If you look at their yelp reviews, there’s usually a wait, but they have some reading materials so you can browse what things you want to do that day while you wait. They also have their menu posted outside (if you’ve read any of my other posts, you know I’m a fan of this)

    The bathroom had flying coffee cups on the walls…..I had to take a picture

    If they thought I’d think this mug is ugly , BOYYYYYYYY were they wrong. Gimme all the Christmas mugs. I got the breakfast poutine and it was SOOOO good. I forget exactly what Bethany’s dish was called, but it was like a sweet potatoes hash with duck. She loved it.

    Definitely worth the wait. Make sure you stop by the Ugly Mug Diner if you’re headed to Salem!

    Next, we were set out to do some shopping and see all we could possibly fit into one day.

    Our first stop, and my favorite store I stepped foot into in Salem, was Hauswitch. Guys! You gotta go. This store is weirdly cozy, so friendly (literally the lady who checked me out both days and purchases, let’s be bffs) and just packed full of goodness.

    So, this is my first crystal ever. OUT OF A GUMBALL MACHINE! Ugh, I loved it. I got some sort of jasper…I have to look at my paper again. I wrote it down.

    They have a shelf of little spell kits. So cute.

    I purchased my first three crystals (besides the mystery machine) black tourmaline, Smokey quartz, fluorite

    Such a great store. I’ll link their website. Make sure you check it out, follow them on Instagram and if you ever get the chance to go to the store, GO!

    Hauswitch website

    Did you even go to Salem if you don’t pose with the bewitched statue?

    Next we headed to the witch dungeon museum, which is not the actual jail, but a replica. I liked this museum. It started off with a little show put on by actors and then you’re led downstairs and shown replicas of the cells the accused were kept in and more history. Gimme all the history. Have you heard about Giles Corey? Wow, homie. It’s intense.

    Just being touristy. Better do it up right. Not going to lie though, I have a ginormous head and was definitely worried about sticking it in there

    So, if you read my freedom trail post, Salem has a very similar situation with a red line running throughout, that will get you to the most sought after attractions. If you get lost, look for the red line. And if you’re going in October, make sure you have the Haunted Happenings magazine. There’s a map in there along with all sorts of events and goodies going on.

    The red line took us to The Witch House

    If you’re into history and such, don’t skip this. It was fascinating to see all the old time things and be in this house.

    Don’t touch anything or use your flash though.

    Another must visit is Witch City Wicks. It’s right by the Witch House. Sniff some candles and some rooms sprays. It’s a great store.

    Skip Gallows Hill if you’re looking for more history and information. We did not think this show was worth the money, it was hokey and just a one man show trying to get people to jump. They have a haunted house type thing in the evenings but we were so unimpressed by the show, we did not go back to check it out.

    Have you been to Gallows Hill and liked it? There was a HUGE line later on in the week. I can’t imagine being thrilled to wait in line for the 20 minute show we saw. But I’d love to hear other thoughts!

    And now it’s time for lunch!

    On our walking tour, our guide told us some spooky stories that took place in turners seafood, so we had to go.

    Apparently there’s so ghostly happenings that take place upstairs sometimes.

    We didn’t ask our waiter for any stories and the inside was just a really nice seafood restaurant.

    Water, please. Because all we drink otherwise is coffee….and we desperately need to hydrate.


    Want some bread? Of course I want bread. All the bread. (I’ve had better bread, though)

    Bethany got the lobster bisque and a salmon burger. I tried a little of her salmon burger….no thanks over here.

    I got clam chowder and Cesar salad. I would’ve added chicken but it was like major bucks to add chicken to your salad.

    The chowder was sooo good though.

    Dessert time. Bethany got an Apple crisp with ice cream and I got creme brûlée.

    My first ever creme brûlée.

    I’ve been dying to try this dessert because it’s so romanticized in movies and tv (and Rory’s dad, Christopher, buys everyone at the Yale Daily news a creme brûlée before they end up having to run out for a news story) and I’ve just always wanted to try it.

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, it did not disappoint. This dessert was so delicious and sweet and just everything a dessert should be. I’m afraid of fire, or I’d try to remake it at home. (Ha!)

    Pretty tree just because it was pretty

    “Rich people. They’ll probably make us drink cider and Bob for apples”

    Recognize this house from Hocus Pocus?!

    Allison’s house! Ahhhh, rich people.

    If only it was decorated like from the movie. Ugh. My heart would’ve exploded.

    Up next we went to the Salem Witch Museum. This was really good too. Another must do.

    No pictures inside. But there was a big room you sit in, and a narrator talks about the history of the witch trials. After that, you walk through a place with a guide.

    Afterwards, we walked around a little more, got some coffee and headed back to the air b&b.

    And that wrapped up our first 24 hours in Salem.

    Up next, day two in Salem!

    So we did all the paid tours we wanted to do. So day two was all about shopping, free site seeing and just soaking in all the goodness of Salem. It was Friday at this point and it was starting to get a lot busier. From all the lines and crowds, we were so pumped we did all our tours on Thursday.

    I took this picture simply because I liked the gate. How cute and rustic. When I finally get a fence, I want these cute gates! Ha!

    First things first, we needed to see the memorial dedicated to all the innocent people who lost their lives during the witch hysteria of 1692.

    The story of the Salem witch trials is truly heart breaking from beginning to end and this memorial was only built in 1992!

    You hear a lot throughout the tours and such that Salem really tried to bury this time of their history, little did they know that one day their streets would be packed full of people wanting to learn all about the trials.

    Even though it took them a very long time to memorialize the poor, innocent men and women, this is a very nice memorial.

    We went to a cute coffee shop for coffees and pastries. I got the Hocus focus and cheese danish. I love Starbucks cheese danishes but these blew theirs out of the water.

    So good!

    We did some shopping at the pedestrian walking mall. It’s an amazing stretch so be sure not to miss it.

    Then we followed the red line to check out the house of the seven gables.

    Bethany asked what gable is, and I had no clue. She then said “Well, there’s seven where we’re going, and Anne had a green one, but I don’t know what it is.” And I still laugh over her comment. But we still don’t know what it is.

    When we got to the house of the seven gables, we were over spending money on tours, so unfortunately we did not take part in what they were offering.

    While we didn’t go into the house of the seven gables, we did go across the street to the candy store. And PLEASE, do not skip it.

    It was so expensive but I really regret not buying candies here. I’m still dreaming about the peanut butter chocolate marshmallow things and the maple bacon chocolates. Ugh. They had chocolate covered goodies and a cases full of fudge and chocolates.

    Pumpkin. Fudge! SOOOOOOO GOOD.

    Seriously though, the cutest candy store.

    Then we headed for lunch and stopped at the witch’s brew. Cute little bar/restaurant. Good clam chowder. Wouldn’t need to rush back though.

    After lunch, we headed back to Hauswitch for more crystals. Another great place for crystals is the covens cottage. They don’t allow photos inside there, though, so I don’t have any.

    Sundae stop lol

    Then we headed to the location where Giles Corey was pressed to death. It is not a cemetery and most of the grave stones we read were of very, very young people. At 26 and 27, we were way older than most buried there.

    After we wondered around a bit, we decided to head to the Hocus Pocus house.

    This house is a private residence and there was someone literally at the window while I took my ridiculous fan photo, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity.


    Bethanys photo with the ocean ave sign. (Can anyone tell me why she insisted on this photo??????????? Comment if you know 😉

    We stopped by the beach on the way back to the air b&b, which Bethany said was her favorite part of the trip.

    We also found a “real, live hermit crab in the wild” that Bethany wanted to bring home for my son.

    She’s hysterical. I was like where are we going to keep it for the next few days until we get home?!

    Needless to say, she released it back into the wild

    Crystal haul from covens cottage and we ordered pizza.

    The next day the plan was to head to Boston and walk the freedom trail, which you can read about here, but we had to head back into Salem for one last time.

    We got there around 7 and it was PACKED. We parked in the parking garage across from the visitors center, and headed into the crowds. There were soooo many people. Again, we were glad we did all the line and ticketed events we wanted to on Thursday. (It was Saturday at this point)

    I love festive people

    We went into wicked good books the day before, but had to stop by again because Bethany deemed it her favorite store. They didn’t allow photos inside, but believe me, it’s cute. A must stop for anyone who likes to read. They had a sign that said something along the lines of “see it here, buy it here, keep us here” and I liked that. I bought a book about the witch trials, per recommendation of one of the employees and also a crystals for beginners book.

    We stopped and watched the Salem guitar guy (look him up on Instagram) as he played his guitar over the street fair. At one point, his cats were wrestling on that cat tower you see there. Too funny. Bethany said she found her future husband. (She needs her own reality tv show)

    Picture of the insane crowds. I can’t imagine being there today, or this past weekend. I’m sure it is even fuller.

    We asked a random stranger to take our photo together. The hustle and bustle of Salem on a Saturday night behind us. And it will forever be one of my favorite photos and marks one of my favorite trips, with one of my favorite people.

    Thanks for reading along! This trip was amazing and I’m glad I was able to share it with you. I’ll be doing more posts about Salem in non-trip report style, but this just seemed right for my first post.

    Have you been to Salem? I’d love to hear other thoughts and experiences of this wonderful place.

    Feel free to leave a comment or let’s be friends on Instagram! @shorthairsandlongnaps

    Pumpkin peanut butter dog treats

    ”Twas the night before Halloween, and all through the house…….

    Dogs were running wild because we have freakin’ German shorthaired pointers.

    *recipe at the bottom if you want to skip through to it*

    Aren’t they just so cute though?!

    Ugh! Anyway…..I love my dogs. If you have a dog and are reading this post, I’m assuming you are obsessed with your dog(s) as well.

    Typically, I buy my dogs treats and gifts for every holiday or functions, but with certain budgeting goals going on, I figured I’d get creative and make them their Halloween treats!

    Soooooooo off to handy dandy Pinterest I went in search for a pumpkiny treats for my little PUPkins 😂

    Pinterest did not disappoint, it never does, and I found a delicious sounding recipe. You can find the original HERE. It’s a wonderfully written post with MUCH better photos than mine. And less rambling.

    It was SUCH an easy recipe. I’ll definitely be making it again. I also added bananas and cinnamon to mine.

    Pumpkin, peanut butter, chicken stock, egg.

    Whip it together

    They knew something delicious was happening. They were very excited.

    Add flower and baking powder

    Add oats and mix it all up. (While listening to a Halloweeny playlist if you want to really recreate the mood of this baking sesh)

    Once it’s all mixed together, roll it out!

    Cut it into the shapes you want! We didn’t have any festive Halloween cutters, so hearts from Valentine’s Day it was.

    I baked mine at 325 for 8 minutes, took them out and flipped them, and baked again for ten minutes. Which got me the exact consistency I was hoping for. Soft, but not too soft that they stick together or easily fall apart.

    So cute! With the leftover dough I just rolled them into balls and baked. They aren’t cute so I didn’t take a picture, but they’re also pretty darn perfect when it comes to dog treats.

    Doin’ tricks for her treats


    • 3/4 pumpkin purée
    • 1/2 cup peanut butter
    • 1/2 a banana, mashed (can leave out)
    • 1/4 cup chicken broth
    • 1 egg
    • 2.5 cups flour
    • 1/2 tablespoon baking powder
    • 1/2 cup oats
    • 1 tablespoon cinnamon (can leave out)
  • The original recipe does not have cinnamon and banana in. Check out the link here to see the original recipe and post.
  • Preheat oven at 325
    1. Mix the pumpkin, peanut butter, banana, chicken broth and egg together.
    2. Add flour, oats, baking powder and cinnamon. Mix with a spatula until combined. It shouldn’t be sticky and you should be able to handle and roll it out with minimal issue
    3. Roll it out and cut your shapes
    4. Bake for 8-10 minutes, take out and flip
    5. Bake for another 8-10 minutes. (I did 8 min first and then 10 min the second time)

    I HOPE YOU ENJOY THESE! We certainly did over here.

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