The freedom trail, Boston, Massachusetts

Okay, so let me just start this by saying that I did not think I’d like the freedom trail, but I LOVED it. Loved it so much, and had such a great time walking around Boston, that this is my first blog post about my Salem/Boston, Massachusetts trip.

We stayed at an air b&b in Revere, and instead of driving into Boston, we took the bus. My first bus experience! (Besides Disney’s magical express. Lemme just ride those buses everyday!)

If you’re not used to city driving, or just don’t want to deal with parking, TAKE THE BUS. Or Lyft or Uber. Anything like that.

Once we arrived in Boston, we started walking around looking for coffee. Because duh. Does that even need further explanation?

MYSTIC PIZZAAAAAAAAA. Been there. Loved it. Ugh. Connecticut. 😍 Anyway…..saw this sticker on a pole and had to send a pic to the hubs.

Weird, uncomfortable sidewalk. (Is it a sidewalk? Maybe we weren’t supposed to walk on it. I don’t know)

We got coffee and breakfast from this gem. So good.

It’s small, quaint place with SLAMMIN’ food.

I got the all in one breakfast sandwich on a bagel. GOOOOOOODNESS WAS IT GOOD. Eggs, bacon, potatoes. My mouth is watering. Ugh. So good.

And I got a banana nut bread iced coffee. YUM!

After breakfast, we set out to find the freedom trail.

We stopped to take this picture, put Boston commons in our gps and were on our way. Only to find out we were STANDING on the trail to take this photo. (Face palms for days. But whatevs)

So again, I loved the freedom trail way more than I thought I would. Before I show you more photos, here are my tips and thoughts on the Freedom Trail

  1. It took us waaaaaay longer than 2 hours. And we didn’t even do any tours. We did it completely self guided and didn’t really putz around.
  2. Buy the $3 map at one of the tourist geared buildings. It’s really all you need because there is literally a red brick trail to follow, so why waste phone battery on the digital map?
  3. WEAR SNEAKERS. There were soooo many ladies in heals and uncomfortable looking shoes. There is literally so many brick and cobblestone walkways. We were struggling in sneakers, I couldn’t imagine wearing heels
  • That’s it. Take pictures and enjoy! Because it’s so interesting
  • I was also weirdly fascinated by all the different variations of the red brick line that marks the freedom trail.

    I wasn’t kidding when I said I was fascinated by all the different versions of the trail! Ha. Over 20 pictures on my camera roll of it!

    Have you walked the freedom trail? Did you like it?

    Crack Chicken Pasta

    Ahhhhhhh chicken. I love chicken. Fried chicken, BBQ chicken, chicken noodle soup, chicken tetrazzini, chicken pot pie, which should NEVER be confused with chicken pie. But we’ll discuss that another day.

    Anyway, you get. I love me some chicken and this dish I’m about to share is no different

    CRACK. CHICKEN. PASTA. Yum. So let me forewarn you, this is the farthest thing from healthy, and my pictures are far from decent. But the dish is to die for.

    This pasta is stick to your ribs, stop your heart good. But you should go for an after dinner walk once you’re done licking your plate.

    To start off, you’re going to cook your chicken.

    I’m a crappy adult and always forget to thaw my chicken, which is why the instant pot is my BFF.

    Frozen. Completely frozen. At like 4pm. (Face palm)

    Dropped my frozen chicken lump in the pot

    Dumped a cup of water in there with it

    Seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, an onion rub from McCormack because it’s delicious

    Pressure cook for 15 minutes and wah-lahhhhh. Chickens done.

    Use a meat thermometer and make sure it’s up to temp. We don’t want any salmonella fiascos. If it’s not quite done, pop it back in for 5 or so minutes. It shouldn’t take as long to get up to temp. If the water is gone, add some more, or it’ll burn to the bottom of the pot. (Not speaking from experience or anything)

    Chop your carrots and celery while your chicken is cooking

    Two cans of chicken broth, two cans cream of chicken, 1 block of cream cheese, 1 ranch packet, 1 lbs cooked and crumbled bacon, cook until bubblin’

    See the bubbles?!

    Now add your pasta. If you want to listen to me, use fettuccini because it’s thick and delicious

    I’m drooling.

    SOOOOOOO GOOD. And it’s even good leftover. It gets thicker. And YUM. You know how spaghetti is better the next day? Well so is this dish. Make a ton and eat it for lunch the next day. So. Good.


    • 1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts, cooked
    • 1 lb bacon, cooked and crumbled
    • 1 8 oz block of cream cheese
    • 1 packet ranch mix
    • 2 8 oz cans chicken broth
    • 2 8 oz cans cream of chicken soup
    • 2 or 3 carrots, chopped
    • 2-3 stalks of celery, chopped
      1 box fettuccini
    1. Cook chicken and shred, cook bacon and crumbled
      Clean and chop carrots and celery
      Put soup, broth, ranch packet and cream cheese in pot and bring to a boil
      Once boiling, reduce heat and add bacon, chicken and veggies, cook about 10 minutes
      Add pasta and cook until done

    Why I’m still daydreaming over Jeannie’s Great Maine Breakfast

    So, when you see a restaurant boasting “great”, “best”, “award-winning”, etc., you expect excellence from the moment you walk in the door. When I decided we needed to try Jeannie’s Great Maine Breakfast, I expected excellence, and lemme tell ya, it did NOT disappoint.

    It’s so cute! I walked through the front doors and gave my name. The hostess wrote it down in a notebook, and said she’d call me when a table was ready. We headed around to the side of the building to wait.

    Around the side of the building, you can see the speaker above the window. This is how they’ll call you for your table. They have their specials written on a chalkboard, as well as their full menu posted on the outside wall towards the road.

    I love this touch because while you’re waiting, you can start deciding what you want to order. Just thinking of their menu has my mouth watering.

    I don’t remember how long it took us to be seated, but it wasn’t an awful wait. Once inside, it has a small, quaint diner feel to it. Booths and tables. I didn’t get a picture of the inside, but it’s cute and cozy.

    Coffeeeeeeee in the cutest mugs! Okay, so on the specials page or menu (I forget where exactly) it said something about no cell phones. And being a crazy human with raging anxiety, I tried to keep my phone away as much as possible, but I couldn’t resist taking photos!

    Anyway, we ordered. Everyone was super friendly and efficient, which is great at any restaurant. My dad order the sausage gravy and biscuits, my brother just eggs and I got THE POT ROAST DELIGHT!! It deserves a bill board. And show on broadway. A secret service escort. It’s amazing.

    There it is! In all its glory! The pot roast delight! I got my eggs over medium and chose the oatmeal bread, because I had never heard of such a thing.

    I cannot sing the praises of this breakfast enough. I’m almost positive it’s the best breakfast I’ve ever had……and I hail from Lancaster County, PA. We’ve got some BREAKFAST goin on over here. But my tastebuds never met a more savory, delicious combo for breakfast than this beauty.

    Here is the glory that was tucked under the eggs! All the heart eye emojis over hereeee.

    Pot roast, melted provolone cheese and roasted potatoes. YUM.

    They set a strawberry rhubarb spread on the table and I WISHHHH I wasn’t such a germaphobe because it looked delicious and probably would’ve been the on my oatmeal toast. But ugh, I couldn’t do it. I should’ve bought some to bring home. I should’ve asked for a loaf of that bread. I should’ve asked to take 5lbs of pot roast home. But I’ll have to live the rest of my life with these regrets.

    So, moral of my breakfast story, if you’re headed to Bar Harbor, PLEASE do not skip this breakfast spot. It is so good and so worth any wait you might have.

    And if you wanna do me a real solid, try that jam and LET ME KNOW IF ITS AMAZING. And maybe send me a jar of it! Hahahaha

    I’m going to link their website so you can go swoon and plan your trip there…because you’ve got to go.

    Jeannie’s Great Maine Breakfast website

    Chili quinoa stuffed peppers

    OKAY. This recipe is delicious! And was kind of an accident. But somehow those usually turn out the best.

    Start out by chopping the tops off your peppers and cleaning out the insides.

    Unfortunately, two of these beauts ended up not being good, so we ended up with four instead of six. Which resulted in me having a bucket load of the stuffing left. Buuuut thats okay in this house. Mama loves leftovers. You can stuff this stuff in tacos, make burrito bowls, eat as it is….the options are endless.

    The peps who made the cut.

    Place these in a baking dish and throw in the oven for 5-15 minutes, depending how soft you like them. My husband likes them more firm, so I bake them for about 5-6 minutes. I usually prefer them on the softer side, so I’d do 15 minutes for that.

    While you’re cutting and cleaning your peppers, cook your burger (if you’re using it) as well as your quinoa. Cook your quinoa per instructions on the bag and brown the burger.

    In a large bowl, add beans, corn and tomatoes

    Throw in your spices. Does anyone actually measure when cooking?

    When burgers browned, toss it on in the bowl with its friends

    CHEEEEEEESE. It takes some serious self control to not dump the whole bag in, but you’re gonna want to save some for topping.

    Add in quinoa. Which I made waaaaaaay too much of. But like I said, we love leftovers.

    Mix it up. Stuff your pre-baked peppers. Put them in the oven for 25 minutes.

    After that first bake, throw more cheese on there (which is where you’ll be glad you didn’t use the whole bag) and then pop them back in the oven for 5 minutes.

    Finished product and BOYYYYYYY are they as delicious as they are beautiful.

    Safe to say dinner was a hit.


    • 6 bell peppers
    • 1lb ground beef (cooked)
    • 2 cups quinoa (cooked)
    • 1 cup corn, drained (unless you freeze your own corn, then leave the juices)
    • 1 can chili ready tomatoes
    • 1 can black beans (drained)
    • 1 can kidney beans (drained)
    • 2 cups Colby jack cheese
    • 1 tbsp cumin
    • 1 tbsp onion powder
    • 1 tbsp garlic powder
    • Salt and pepper to taste
    1. Cook quinoa according to package
      Brown beef
      Wash and cut the tops off peppers and clean out the insides
      Place peppers in baking dish and bake for 5-15 minutes, depending on desired softness
      Mix black beans, kidney beans, tomatoes, cheese and spices in a large bowl (save some cheese for topping)
      When quinoa and beef is cooked, add to bowl with other ingredients. Mix together.
      Stuff peppers and place back in oven for 25 minutes
      Remove from oven, top with cheese and return to oven for 5 minutes

    ENJOY!!!! If you make this recipe, post it on Instagram and tag me in your photos! I’d love to see your peppers! Because who doesn’t love looking at food pics?! …….hopefully not just me…..

    Find me on Instagram! shorthairsandlongnaps

    4 must have items to survive a 13 hour car ride with a toddler

    This post contains affiliate links to things I’ve personally used and recommend.

    We are freshly back from a glorious trip to Bar Harbor, Maine. I truly left a piece of my heart in that cute town. If you’ve never been to Bar Harbor, start planning your trip now and get yourself there. It’s amazing!

    Anyway, I have an almost two year old, and in this post I’m going to share some tips on how to survive a 13 hour car ride with a toddler and live to tell the tale.

    Now, I do have the preface this by saying my son is a gem. (Unless we’re in a restaurant) He has always been an A+ sleeper and is very laid back with a splash of sass. So, just remember that when I’m sharing my tips….he’s just a chill little dude for the most part, and it is all him. It has nothing to do with my parenting skills – buhhhhlieve me.

    One more thing before I get started. I’m going to link all the stuff I’m recommending and it’s ALLLLLLLLLLL from Amazon. I am madly in love with Amazon. (Isn’t everyone?!?!? or is it just me?? I’m going to go with everyone) So you can easily click my links, add the goodies in your cart and stick them in your saved stuff. I swear my saved list has about 500 items in. I have a problem.

    NOW. Onto the reason your suffering through my rambling…..

    Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet

    I really don’t think we would’ve survived the 13 hours in the car, the touristy trips around Bar Harbor or nights in the cabin without this little electronic beauty. They have a few different versions, we got the 8.

    The 8 comes in three colors – yellow, blue or pink. It’s $129.99 or you can split the payments up over 5 months and pay $26.00 a month. I think if you choose that option, you pay the taxes and such with the first payment, but don’t quote me on that.

    It comes with 1 year of Freetime unlimited which is AMAZING. Books and games and all the fun stuff for kiddos, already has a kid proof case on it AND if it breaks within 2 years, THEY’LL REPLACE IT. Ugh. Amazon. You rock my world.

    We loaded a few of his favorite movies on it as well and it was truly a life saver.

    Water Wow books by Melissa and Doug

    These are amazing. The book has colorless picture pages with hidden objects that appear when you use the marker and the marker is filled WITH WATER! (Insert mind blown emoji here)

    There is no mess. No markers. No toxins. No smell. IT IS JUST WATER!

    And when the pages dry, THEY ARE BLANK AGAIN! (Insert five mind blown emojis here)

    They are a great price and a must have for kids. These will be a permenant staple in our diaper bag from now on and I cannot wait to whip them out whenever the need arises.

    That’s literally all I took with him in the car for entertainment and he was thrilled with them, so of course, so was I. But I did take some of our favorite snacks from Happy Baby/Tot. This has been my favorite baby food brand since I started solids. I made my food for the most part, but it was so nice to have a brand I trusted if I ran out or between my food making schedule.

    Happy baby Yogis

    I know it says baby, but these are always in my diaper bag. Minimal mess, healthy, and my kid goes bananas over them. He’d eat a bag a day if I let him.

    Happy Tot pouches

    Now, I don’t know about you, but I am becoming a raging freak about the earth. These plastic pouches hurt my soul and I am so ashamed to be buying them, but LAAAWDY are they so great and convenient. In the car or while waiting for your food at the restaurant, these are great to hand your toddler in a pinch.

    You can also purchase your own pouches to put your own food in, but I like being able to keep these in my diaper bag and not worry about refrigeration.

    That’s literally it. We wouldn’t have survived this trip without these four items.

    Do you have any must have items for road trips? Let me know! I’m always looking for parenting tips and hacks! Especially about making traveling easier.

    This was a quick post but follow me on instagram to stay in the know about future posts! I’ll be posting more about Maine and the beautiful town of Bar Harbor and I also have a girls trip to Massachusetts coming up! Lots of exciting stuff coming to the blog this month.

    Toothache inducing brownies

    I know, I know, we have a couple days yet until it’s September, but I couldn’t wait another day! I feel like that Disney World vacation commercial, ya know, from the VHS days….where the little boy says “I’m too excited to sleep”….well, I’m too excited to wait another day to start The September of all the FRIENDS recipes!

    First up, BROWNIES. Brownies are mentioned more than once throughout the series, but I’m channeling my inner Rachel Green for this one. Even though throughout the show, Rachel is typically known as being a lousy cook, she whips up some brownies at one point.

    “I floss to save lives!” This line, delivered by Phoebe, absolutely kills me. After explaining the deaths of her aunt and her friend, albino Bob, Phoebe tells us why she has such fantastic oral hygiene.

    We get this riveting story after Rachel serves Phoebe, along with Ross and Chandler, her homemade brownies.

    My husband is a brownie enthusiast, so what better way to kick of my September of all the Friends recipes?!

    I browsed Pinterest for a recipe claiming to be the “best brownie”, because as Rachel states, her brownies are homemade. So you can find the recipe here.

    This recipe was so simple and so delicious, I will definitely be adding it to my collection.

    First, you melt the butter on the stove….which I don’t know about you, but I love melted butter. Or butter period. But the smell of melted butter….”insert Homer Simpson drool gif here”

    Then, once the butter is melted, you add your sugars, vanilla and eggs.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s getting even better.

    Then you add your dry ingredients and whip it, whip it reeeeal good.

    Can I eat it now? Ughhhh. And at this point is smells so dang good.

    The recipe called for chocolate chips, all I had was chunks. Same difference.

    Poor the delicious goo into your pan (I prefer this kind of pan because hellooooooooo all the corner pieces)

    Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

    So quick, so easy, so delicious. Let these babies cool, put them on a plate, and turn on The One with the Giant Poking Device, Season 3, Episode 8.

    Just make sure you floss afterwards 😉

    P.S. Let the brownies cool before trying to pry them out of the pan….not speaking from experience or anything…..

    The September with all the FRIENDS recipes

    This September marks the 25th anniversary of the TV show, Friends, and I am here to go all out for it!

    I am just out here LIVING for all the events and merchandise popping up in celebration of this cult favorite series.

    Now, personally, I have been watching friends as long as I can remember. My mother was a fan, we owned the DVDs, watched the finale the date it aired, and have seen every episode approximately 30 times since then. Calling myself a super fan is an understatement. But with friends being on Netflix, there is a whole slew of people enjoying this show, some who had never watched it before it shows up on the streaming network, and I am thrilled with the result of all the merchandise everywhere!

    It’s in stores like Walmart and target, next month Alex and ani have bangles coming out and of course the pop-up in New York which I CANNOT WAIT for!

    Soooooo, to keep the celebration alive all month long over here at my house, I’m going to be recreating recipes featured throughout the series, and sharing them here! And I am way too excited about it!

    We’re going to be cooking up Chandlers favorite mac and cheese, whipping up the Joey special featuring some pizzas the group ate, Pheobe’s amazing oatmeal cookies (but don’t tell the other cookies, it’s not fair to them) and many, many more yummy things.

    I am pumped for you to join me in this delicious journey and cannot wait to get started!

    What is your favorite food featured on the show? And have you ever tried to recreate it?

    Getting Your Premium Starter Kit

    So, maybe you’ve heard people talk about essential oils, maybe you’ve tried some, maybe you’re skeptical or maybe you’re a seasoned oily pro. Whatever phase of oil lover you’re currently in, I am here to help you along and further that knowledge and love for these little bottles of plant juice.

    Get your kit here

    Together, we’ll learn how Essential Oils benefit everyone, in any walk of life, and how to use them.

    To snag your premium starter kit, follow the link below and lets get you some oils!

    The Premium Starter Kit is by far the best deal, packed full of all the must have oils to help you get started on your oily journey.

    Click HERE to get started!

    Make sure you’re following here on the blog, and also on Instagram @shorthairsandlongnaps, for a ton of great ways to use your new oils!

  • Oil related posts:

    Hospital Bag: What I would’ve packed if I had actually packed one

    This post contains affiliate links to items I’ve personally used and recommend

    Hospital bags. Responsible mothers have one packed well in advance, appropriately placed by the front door for easy access, and filled with all the necessary things for a hospital stay.

    Not me.

    39 weeks pregnant. No hospital bag packed. I kept telling everyone I was going to pack it, but it never happened. Guess who went to the hospital at 39 weeks, had to be induced and had no hospital bag packed. Me. Sooooo, let me tell you what you absolutely need in your hospital bag, since I had nothing with me, not even a phone charger.

    1. Sleep Bras

    FIRST and foremost, SLEEP NURSING BRAS. From kindred bravely. Ugh, all the heart eyes for theses bad boys. My friend brought me one to the hospital and she saved my life….she actually brought me most of the things on this list because she is my angel on earth.

    2. Breast pads because leaking. ALL THE LEAKING.


    3. Phone Charger

    You definitely need a phone charger, and a long one! Unless you know that you’re going to conveniently have an outlet right next to your hospital bed, you’re going to need a super long charger.

    4. Flip flops

    Good, old reliable, Old Navy flips flops or whatever you’ve got lying around the house will do. You’re going to want them for the hospital shower.

    5. Nipple cream

    This is something I did not have and I used the teeny, tiny sample bottle they gave me at the hospital. (LIFE SAVER!) Between the Lansinoh cream and using breast milk, it kept the nips from screamin’ too much.

    6. Toiletries

    DEODORANT! Not that you’ll really care what you smell like, because you just brought a human into the world, your hormones are raging and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be crying a lot, but your guests might care if your offensive body odor is too potent.

    Also, things like shampoo and conditioner, body wash, a comb, a towel, washcloth.

    7. LIP BALM!

     My favorite is Young Living’s Lavender lip balm, or the vanilla mint, which you can only get in the Holiday kit. Soooo good and doesn’t have any gross ingredients in it.

    That is really all I needed, but keep in mind I spent A LOT of time crying and/or snuggling my fresh baby.

    What would be on your must have list?? Let me know in the comments!

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