The September with all the FRIENDS recipes

This September marks the 25th anniversary of the TV show, Friends, and I am here to go all out for it!

I am just out here LIVING for all the events and merchandise popping up in celebration of this cult favorite series.

Now, personally, I have been watching friends as long as I can remember. My mother was a fan, we owned the DVDs, watched the finale the date it aired, and have seen every episode approximately 30 times since then. Calling myself a super fan is an understatement. But with friends being on Netflix, there is a whole slew of people enjoying this show, some who had never watched it before it shows up on the streaming network, and I am thrilled with the result of all the merchandise everywhere!

It’s in stores like Walmart and target, next month Alex and ani have bangles coming out and of course the pop-up in New York which I CANNOT WAIT for!

Soooooo, to keep the celebration alive all month long over here at my house, I’m going to be recreating recipes featured throughout the series, and sharing them here! And I am way too excited about it!

We’re going to be cooking up Chandlers favorite mac and cheese, whipping up the Joey special featuring some pizzas the group ate, Pheobe’s amazing oatmeal cookies (but don’t tell the other cookies, it’s not fair to them) and many, many more yummy things.

I am pumped for you to join me in this delicious journey and cannot wait to get started!

What is your favorite food featured on the show? And have you ever tried to recreate it?

Getting Your Premium Starter Kit

So, maybe you’ve heard people talk about essential oils, maybe you’ve tried some, maybe you’re skeptical or maybe you’re a seasoned oily pro. Whatever phase of oil lover you’re currently in, I am here to help you along and further that knowledge and love for these little bottles of plant juice.

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Together, we’ll learn how Essential Oils benefit everyone, in any walk of life, and how to use them.

To snag your premium starter kit, follow the link below and lets get you some oils!

The Premium Starter Kit is by far the best deal, packed full of all the must have oils to help you get started on your oily journey.

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    Hospital Bag: What I would’ve packed if I had actually packed one

    This post contains affiliate links to items I’ve personally used and recommend

    Hospital bags. Responsible mothers have one packed well in advance, appropriately placed by the front door for easy access, and filled with all the necessary things for a hospital stay.

    Not me.

    39 weeks pregnant. No hospital bag packed. I kept telling everyone I was going to pack it, but it never happened. Guess who went to the hospital at 39 weeks, had to be induced and had no hospital bag packed. Me. Sooooo, let me tell you what you absolutely need in your hospital bag, since I had nothing with me, not even a phone charger.

    1. Sleep Bras

    FIRST and foremost, SLEEP NURSING BRAS. From kindred bravely. Ugh, all the heart eyes for theses bad boys. My friend brought me one to the hospital and she saved my life….she actually brought me most of the things on this list because she is my angel on earth.

    2. Breast pads because leaking. ALL THE LEAKING.


    3. Phone Charger

    You definitely need a phone charger, and a long one! Unless you know that you’re going to conveniently have an outlet right next to your hospital bed, you’re going to need a super long charger.

    4. Flip flops

    Good, old reliable, Old Navy flips flops or whatever you’ve got lying around the house will do. You’re going to want them for the hospital shower.

    5. Nipple cream

    This is something I did not have and I used the teeny, tiny sample bottle they gave me at the hospital. (LIFE SAVER!) Between the Lansinoh cream and using breast milk, it kept the nips from screamin’ too much.

    6. Toiletries

    DEODORANT! Not that you’ll really care what you smell like, because you just brought a human into the world, your hormones are raging and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be crying a lot, but your guests might care if your offensive body odor is too potent.

    Also, things like shampoo and conditioner, body wash, a comb, a towel, washcloth.

    7. LIP BALM!

     My favorite is Young Living’s Lavender lip balm, or the vanilla mint, which you can only get in the Holiday kit. Soooo good and doesn’t have any gross ingredients in it.

    That is really all I needed, but keep in mind I spent A LOT of time crying and/or snuggling my fresh baby.

    What would be on your must have list?? Let me know in the comments!

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