Social Distancing Approved Hugs

Today, on what feels like day 1,000 of quarantine, I’m missing my dad and my grandma most of all. I miss the comfort of knowing their doors are always open and that I can call them on my way over and be welcomed. I also really miss wondering around target, but that’s a different levelContinue reading “Social Distancing Approved Hugs”

Quarantine 2020 to do list – free printable

Hi, friends! I am playing around with creating printables and decided to make myself a quarantine to do list. Lists help my 7w8, very blue brain focus on what I need to do. I HATE lists with a passion, but if I don’t have one, I will start 3264859 projects and finish 0. Anyyyyyyway, I’mContinue reading “Quarantine 2020 to do list – free printable”